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pytanie o podcisnienia

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Ping Pong Blades and Rubbers-overview of Yasaka brands


Yasaka's brand originated in the late 1940s when it was founded by Mr. Hirose Yaoita and Mr. Sakamoto who gave the company's name (YAoita + Sakamoto). It has since grown to become a significant player among Ping Pong manufacturers, offering a full range of equipment, and has shown some great innovations in their products. They used to work together with Stiga, who made their tongue for them, while Yasaka made their rubber, but they separated in the early nineties and went their way.

The majority of Yasaka blades are made in Sweden. A majority of their rubber is made in Japan, with the rest of their rubbers being made in Germany and China. If you need to know the detail of rubbers, click here.


After talking to many people, and getting a lot of great feedback from people on Ping Pong forums, I have their most popular rubber and tongue summary below. Although popularity can be biassed by marketing and availability, there are some that many agree to be great products, so there must be something to it.


The Mark V, perhaps the most famous of all rubbers, has stood the test of time and is still commonly used in modern days, even after decades since it was released. This rubber is suitable for all levels, where thinner foams are often used for more control at lower levels, and they are rubber stickers at higher levels for additional performance.

Other variants of the Mark V (ads, 30 degrees, XS, m2), built on the excellent reputation of the original Mark V, have been developed over the years. Thirty degrees were especially popular among speed gluers, where glue provided some very desirable properties. The XS and m2, though not lousy rubber, have not enjoyed the same popularity. Visit us ong G+: ... cxU6Uxje57.

With the ever-increasing demand for faster rubber, Yasaka V-Stage development and also the X-trend series, in recent times. Although they are considered good rubber, they were not quite as popular, partly due to the full range of speeds similar to rubber now on the market.


Pryde is Yasaka's latest venture into German tensor technology and is recognized among the highest tensor top currently on the market. Due to, the original T-version and Visco also deserved mention, and there was a decent following but for a multi-player selection group.

For those who play more defensively, anti-electricity is held in high regard and has been very popular for years. The long rubber of them, like the Phantom series, has some good popularity for many years, but the first ones didn't exist in ITTF long acne Bans. The recent additions are quality products, but it doesn't seem to be that popular, although it's still early on, and many long-term acne players are always looking for alternatives.


Although Yasaka is probably not one of the most popular brands for its language, they had some great success with a decent blade. Gatien's series of blades is a great success. The Gatien adds 3D as one of the best selling all-time tongues! More recently is Ma Lin Series, Ma Lin carbon and Ma Lin add insult (especially in pen-grip) in particular, has become very successful, no doubt helped a little by the great success of Ma Lin player.

Another worthy mention is the maximum of wood, balsa Plus, Leopard, Yasaka Allround 40, who have enjoyed great success, but in a smaller group of players.

Last word:

Most agree that Yasaka manufacturer produces high-quality products, and has been very successful covering decades. I believe that part of the reason the brand is not even more successful is due to limited distribution. Many blades (and also some rubber) are not available in some areas. They have also stopped some of their previous products to be successful. The same might be said about some other Japanese brands.

Being able to be a player of any level and style can find something appropriate from this brand, but this is the case for many other big brands too. Hopefully, this summary will be useful for Yasaka fans or those that only this brand is available to choose from. They do of course have a bunch of other Ping Pong related, in fact, they pretty much sell everything related to Ping Pong, but the tongue and rubber are this levels written up. In addition to specialized ping pong tables, you can use ping pong table top to turn the billas table, pool table into table tennis table.

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